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YX18-23.5-825 roof wall panel

With the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for living.





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    • Commodity name: YX18-23.5-825 roof wall panel
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    With the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for living.

    With the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements for living. I don't know if you are familiar with foam sandwich panel houses. Many people say that such houses have certain disadvantages, so they dare not buy them. So today, around this topic, experts come to refute rumors for you.

    The foam sandwich panel room will not produce harmful gas under the normal temperature state without combustion. However, the main source of harmful gas in the movable board room is the paint of steel structure. When the factory uses inferior paint, formaldehyde and other paint materials will release harmful gas, so the new movable board room should be ventilated more, and the air conditioner should not be sealed for a long time.

    Features of foam sandwich panel:

    Excellent fireproof performance: the raw materials, production process and formula used provide excellent fireproof performance. Experiments show that it has a fire resistance of more than 1000. According to the International Organization for Standardization, it passed the test of the Italian inspection agency GIOROANO S.P.A. It can meet the requirements of fire protection code.

    Good thermal insulation: based on the thermal conductivity of rock wool=0.043 W/m2 K, the core thickness of rock wool in this proportion shall prevail.

    Significant sound insulation and absorption effect: it has a considerable reduction effect on noise transmission, and is applicable to the places where designated flights pass. In addition, after the use of rock wool roof panel, rain and hail hit the roof steel plate of the building, making indoor sound.

    Light weight. If the weight per square meter is less than 24 kg, the structural price can be fully reduced.

    To prevent environmental noise, the composite sound insulation strength can reach 40-50 dB, which is a very effective sound insulation material.

    With strong plasticity, the pressing plate can be cut arbitrarily to meet the needs of special design.

    The rapid installation of foam sandwich panel can simplify the installation, improve the efficiency and save the construction period with the characteristics of self weight, installation and random cutting.

    The color steel plate treated with fire resistance and special coating can last for 110~15 years. After that, the anti-corrosion coating is sprayed every 10 years, and the service life of the plate can reach more than 35 years. Beautiful, bright lines with tens of colors, very suitable for buildings of any style. With high-strength steel plate as the base material and tensile strength of 5600 (KG/CM2), plus design and roller forming, it has structural characteristics.

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