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The industrial door is a common facility for enterprises, which is applicable to large warehouses, logistics industry, medicine, food, factories and mines and other industries with high requirements for opening speed, heat preservation, sound insulation, sealing, and wind resistance. Especially where the door opening is large and it is inconvenient to install the door body on the ground, it can play a convenient and quick opening role.





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    The industrial door is a common facility for enterprises, which is applicable to large warehouses, logistics industry, medicine, food, factories and mines and other industries with high requirements for opening speed, heat preservation, sound insulation, sealing, and wind resistance. Especially where the door opening is large and it is inconvenient to install the door body on the ground, it can play a convenient and quick opening role.

    The industrial door is a common facility for enterprises, which is applicable to large warehouses, logistics industry, medicine, food, factories and mines and other industries with high requirements for opening speed, heat preservation, sound insulation, sealing, and wind resistance. Especially where the door opening is large and it is inconvenient to install the door body on the ground, it can play a convenient and quick opening role.

    There are a wide variety of aluminum magnesium manganese plates in the domestic market, and the models are even more diverse. As a result, if the customer does not explain clearly when asking the price, the price varies greatly. The following series briefly describes some factors affecting the price of aluminum magnesium manganese roof panel, hoping to help customers.

    Four factors affecting the price of aluminum magnesium manganese plate:

    1. Aluminum ingot price: aluminum magnesium manganese roof panel is mainly composed of aluminum. The fluctuation of aluminum ingot price is the reason that affects the price of aluminum magnesium manganese roof panel, which is also the reason why the price of aluminum magnesium manganese roof panel is getting lower and lower, mainly because the price of aluminum ingot has been falling.

    2. Alloy status: material of aluminum magnesium manganese roof panel. The price difference between AA3003 and AA3004 is generally around 1200-2000, which can directly lead to the price difference of Al-Mg-Mn alloy roof panel of 2-5 yuan/m2.

    3. Coating: The coating is divided into PVDF (fluorocarbon) and PE (polyester), and the price difference between them will be about 5-6 yuan/square meter. As for the difference between the two, the last article (fluorocarbon coated aluminum magnesium manganese alloy roof panel) has described it. If you are interested, you can go in and have a look.

    4. Thickness: This is easy to understand. The thicker the board, the more expensive it is; Summary: The above four points are only the main factors that affect the price of aluminum magnesium manganese roof panel. Of course, there are other factors, such as the model, arc and size of aluminum magnesium manganese panel. It also needs to be considered.

    Characteristics of aluminum magnesium manganese plate: 1. Light weight; The density of aluminum is 2.73g/m3, which is only 1/3 of that of steel. 2. High strength; High strength can be achieved through composition configuration, processing and heat treatment. 3. Corrosion resistance; Self-rust resistance, the formed oxide layer can prevent metal oxidation and corrosion, and has good acid and alkali resistance. 4. The surface treatment is diverse and beautiful. It can be used for anodizing, electrophoresis, chemical treatment, polishing and painting. 5. Good plasticity and easy processing.

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    Industrial doors are divided into: industrial roller shutter doors, industrial sliding doors, industrial sliding doors, manual/electric sliding doors, fast roller shutter doors and other types. The manufacturing area of industrial roller shutter doors is within 65-70 square meters, and the wind resistance reaches 10 levels. The industrial sliding door is divided into vertical lifting, standard lifting and high lifting, while the electric sliding door is divided into two types, namely, horizontal switch or one-way switch from the middle to both sides. The opening mode of the industrial door depends on the analysis of the specific conditions and development requirements of your workplace, and each industrial door design has unique characteristics and advantages. The doors with larger area also include the stacking door and folding door. The following introduces the characteristics of the three most commonly used industrial doors: industrial roller shutter door, industrial sliding door and industrial lift door.


    Large industrial door

    According to the area of the industrial door, it can also be divided into super industrial doors. The super large industrial door is applicable to the passage of the production, storage and maintenance sites of large industrial equipment and large transportation equipment, as well as the passage of large warehouses and maintenance rooms of various types of civil and military aircraft. The super industrial door is specially designed and manufactured for the industrial field and some customers with special requirements. According to the professional introduction of Zhejiang Ideal Door Industry, a leading manufacturer of super industrial doors in China, the super industrial doors have the following three characteristics:

    1. Safety and reliability of oversized industrial door: the door body of oversized industrial door is large, and the safety performance of the product will be fully considered in the design of the scheme. Safety protection devices such as airbag or infrared ray will be equipped, and the most suitable safety protection devices will be equipped according to different design schemes.

    2. Strong wind-resistant performance of super-large industrial doors: the use area of super-large industrial doors is large, and the wind-resistant performance of products will be fully considered at the beginning of the scheme design to meet the wind-resistant requirements of different regions and ensure the service life of super-large industrial doors.

    3. Insulation and sealing of oversized industrial door: the door panel of oversized industrial door is made of double-sided color steel plate filled with polyurethane foam insulation material, which has the advantages of heat preservation, sound insulation and heat insulation. The door body is sealed with EPDM sealing strips or brush strips to ensure the sealing performance of oversized industrial doors.


    Industrial sliding door: The industrial sliding door is composed of a series of door panels, which rise along the track, and the balance of the door body is guaranteed by the torsion spring system or the counterweight system. The installation track is as close as possible to the inside of the building, which can greatly save the internal space of the building. The lifting door can be designed into different installation modes according to the size and shape of your building. The selection of door lifting mode can be based on the following basic conditions: door opening size; Upper space of door opening; Side space of door opening; Door opening depth. According to the actual situation of the building site and the owner's requirements for the use of space, the following lifting methods can be realized to meet the requirements of reasonable use of space to the maximum extent.

    1. Standard lifting: applicable to door top space within: 200-300mm.

    2. High lift: applicable to the door top space at: > 300mm < door opening height

    3. Vertical lift: applicable to door top space: > or=door opening height

    4. Inclined ceiling lifting: it is applicable to the slope shape of the ceiling on the door top, and the track is parallel to the ceiling.


    Industrial sliding door

    Door panel material: The door panel is made of thickened double-layer galvanized color steel plate and filled with high-density polyurethane foam material. It has the advantages of heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation, etc., and is applicable to large warehouses and factory doors; The maximum manufacturing width of industrial lift door panel can reach 10 meters.

    Applicability: according to the architectural structure design, the lift door opens vertically upward and hangs horizontally on the inside of the wall above the door opening, without occupying any indoor space; Give full play to the advantages of vertical rise without occupying both sides of the door opening, and maximize the space of the door opening;

    Appearance: double-layer galvanized steel plate plus polyurethane layer, surface embossing design can make the door panel durable, easy to clean, beautiful and generous, and improve the corporate image;

    Noise isolation: low noise opening, galvanized pulley seat is equipped with adjustable ball bearing and wear-resistant rubber wheel to ensure the door is opened and closed quietly.

    Wind resistance: when the door body reaches a certain width, an external reinforcing rib is designed to ensure its strength. Tested by European standards, it can withstand instantaneous force of 10.

    Air tightness: the top, bottom and both sides of the door panel are equipped with high-quality rubber sealing strips, and there is also reliable sealing between the door panels to ensure that the door body is not corroded, and the sealing strips are installed around the door body, which has excellent air tightness;

    Safety device: anti-fall device, air bag (optional), to prevent the door body from falling or the door bottom from colliding with obstacles, the door will automatically stop or reverse operation to avoid accidents; Anti-wire rope breaking device, torsion spring breaking safety device. Prevent the door body from hurting people and objects in any way.

    Industrial roller shutter door

    Curtain material: double-layer high-strength, high-toughness, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy extrusion molding.

    Surface treatment: classic powder spraying process, which is characterized by strong durability, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, fade resistance, easy maintenance, and lasting as new.

    Scope of application: applicable to the exterior doors of medium and high grade plants.

    Opening speed: the average speed can reach 12-18 meters per minute;

    Operating principle: The multi-joint moving door pieces are connected in series, fixed in the guide rail slideway, and rotated up and down with the scroll above the door as the center.

    Drive principle: use a special motor to drive the central shaft of the roller shutter to rotate, reach the roller shutter switch, and automatically stop when it reaches the upper and lower limit set by the motor.

    Industrial fast door

    The industrial fast door is a curtain plate structure composed of a number of cloth curtains through high temperature. Its main functions are heat preservation, moisture preservation, dust prevention, insect prevention, sound insulation, etc., so as to maintain a constant temperature, humidity and clean working environment in the workshop. It is applicable to food, medicine, electronics, rubber, chemical industry, automobile, textile, logistics and other fields. The opening of the industrial fast door can be divided into button switch and automatic induction switch. The automatic induction switch provides the trigger signal to the control system by the door opening sensor. The control system sends the command to the frequency converter according to the current position of the fast rolling door, and starts the drive motor to make the door curtain rise rapidly. The vehicles and pedestrians automatically descend through the rear door curtain, and close the channel until the next door opening signal is opened again. As the name implies, the speed of the fast rolling door is very fast. It cannot be started and stopped directly like the steel rolling door. Generally, the frequency converter is needed to control the speed of the motor. The faster it rises, the better it is. When it comes to the right position (about 500px), there needs to be a deceleration buffer stop process to prevent collision with the track, prevent people from getting caught, and reduce noise. This is also a standard to measure the performance of the fast rolling door.

    Industrial fast door

    Industrial fast door is also called fast rolling shutter door. The running speed is very fast, reaching 0.6 m/s. It can be quickly isolated to ensure the dust-free level of the air quality in the workshop. It has many functions, such as heat preservation, cold insulation, insect prevention, wind prevention, dust prevention, sound insulation, fire prevention, odor prevention, lighting, and is widely used in food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarkets, refrigeration, logistics, storage and other places. It can extremely meet the requirements of high-performance logistics and clean places, and save energy, automatically close at high speed, and improve work efficiency, Create a better working environment and other advantages.

    Industrial roller shutter door: the industrial roller shutter door is connected in series with multi-joint moving door pieces. The industrial roller shutter door is connected in series with multi-joint moving door pieces. In a fixed slide, it rotates up and down with the scroll above the door as the center. It is applicable to public places such as commercial stores, shopping malls, logistics, factories and mines. especially

    It is the place where the door opening is large and it is inconvenient to install the door body on the ground.

    From the opening mode:

    1. Manual roller shutter. With the help of the balance force of the torsion spring on the central shaft of the roller shutter, the roller shutter switch can be pulled up and down manually.

    2. Electric roller shutter.

    Special motors for rolling door include: external door roller, Australian door roller, tubular door roller, fireproof door roller, inorganic double-curtain door roller, fast door roller, etc

    The door leaf material is divided into:

    Inorganic cloth roller shutter door, mesh roller shutter door, European roller shutter door, aluminum alloy roller shutter door, crystal roller shutter door, stainless steel roller shutter door, color plate roller shutter door, foam roller shutter door

    Industrial roller shutter door

    1. Industrial rolling shutter door: The industrial rolling shutter door curtain piece is sprayed with powder to create a beautiful and bright color appearance. The compact powder is attached to the aluminum alloy surface, reducing scratches, resisting rain corrosion, sand and dust friction, and is durable. At the same time, it has certain wind resistance strength to ensure the safety of the door body during use.

    2. Multiple protective measures can be used: some industrial roller shutter door manufacturers rely on external safety measures for the safety of industrial roller shutter doors, such as infrared radiation sensing system, automatic alarm and other additional safety measures, often ignoring the safety structure design of the door body itself. When problems are really encountered during the operation of the door body, these additional safety facilities can only play a warning role, And can not well contain the occurrence of danger. Moreover, the infrared sensing is very sensitive. Because the camera lens is exposed to the outside for a long time, it is easy to accumulate dust, resulting in the false alarm of the infrared sensing, and the door body cannot be opened or closed normally. On the contrary, it affects production efficiency and production safety. The secondary safety protection design of the rolling shaft of the industrial roller shutter door, the automatic locking structure of the end cover plate, the rebound device in case of resistance, and the secondary upgrading and improvement of the curtain of the industrial roller shutter door. Through the redesign of the tooth hook, the combination between the curtain and the curtain is closer, the gap is reduced, the wear is reduced, the noise is reduced, and the safety is improved.

    3. Longer service life of industrial roller shutter door

    Because of the automatic balance structure design, the industrial roller shutter keeps the distance between the shaft and the guide rail a layer of curtain width all the time, reducing the loss and noise caused by the collision and friction between the industrial roller shutter and the guide rail, and will not increase the unnecessary lifting force caused by friction and oblique angle in the long-term use process, effectively protecting the normal operation of the motor, reducing the loss and extending the service life of the motor.

    4. The control mode can be remotely controlled by wireless transmitter, which can be easily operated within 15 meters of barrier-free range.

    Product advantages

    The universal design can meet most of the environmental needs. It can be washed and cooled. The thick and tough door panel is light in texture, and is the ideal choice for pedestrians and trolleys to pass. The thick square tubular steel door frame and steel frame are welded with 1 "diameter steel roller and 1/8" thick ABS veneer on both sides, effectively resisting impact, dent and drilling

    Fast shutter door

    Maximum switching speed: up to 800-1200mm per second) ■ Innovative soft edge safety device provides multiple protection for people and property

    Durable design of separation after collision – can be reset without using tools

    The wireless monitoring system can quickly stop the operation of the door when it is separated

    The wind-resistant system can make the door operable under strong wind

    Special doors for large projects

    Special doors for large projects are specially designed for individual (single) customers, and usually require large size of doors.

    The door panel can be cut into different sizes to resist the wind pressure of different strength.

    Optional window. Different automatic control systems can be selected for door opening and closing.

    Rapid shutter door system

    Frame system: mainly made of carbon steel plate or aluminum alloy.

    Control system: the most commonly used is the integrated circuit board with PLC/frequency converter/encoder or IPM module. Most domestic door enterprises are mainly PLC/frequency converter/encoder.

    It mainly includes infrared eye switch and safety air pressure sensor (some enterprises with high mechanical accuracy and high stability of control system use safety contact belt).

    Light curtain system: The curtain system should be the highest level of security protection.

    Door curtain system: mainly composed of PVC woven fabric or aluminum alloy profiles.

    Drive motor system: mainly composed of brake pad, motor and reducer.

    Door opening trigger signal system: manual button, radar sensing, infrared photoelectric sensing, geomagnetic sensing, remote control, etc.

    Safety tips

    1. Please ensure that the door body operates well without jamming; It is only allowed to install the door opener on the door body with balance spring and good balance, otherwise the door opener may be overloaded and damaged; During installation, you must ask professional installation personnel to check and install.

    2. Installation and wiring must be carried out in accordance with building construction standards and electrical standards, with wire diameter ≥ 1.5mm2; The power line must be connected to a grounded socket. It is forbidden to remove the grounding lead from the power line.

    3. Mechanical limit device or buffer booster shall be installed at the end of the guide rail of the door body to prevent the door body from sliding out.

    4. The quick release handle is only used by professionals when installing and maintaining the operation of the door body, and can only be used when the door body has been closed

    The wrench can be released only when there is no danger of falling under its own weight. It is forbidden to release this wrench during operation.

    5. The control box shall be installed at the place where the operation of the door body can be observed. It is forbidden to operate the remote controller at the place where the operation of the door body cannot be seen.

    6. Please fix the control box on the wall column 1.4m high from the ground to prevent children from accidentally touching it. At the same time, keep the remote control well. Children are not allowed to touch or play to prevent danger.

    7. Before repairing and moving the door opener, please cut off the power supply and ensure that the door body has been locked without the risk of falling from its own weight.

    8. When the door body is running, it is forbidden for pedestrians and vehicles to pass under the door body or stay under the door body.

    9. Do not pull the manual chain when opening and closing the door electrically.

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