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Polyurethane sandwich board

Polyurethane sandwich panel products are bimetallic, single-metal and non-metallic composite panels with polyurethane rigid foam as thermal insulation layer, which are usually used for the wall and roof enclosure systems of industrial plants, logistics storage, integrated houses.





Polyurethane sandwich panel

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    Polyurethane sandwich panel products are bimetallic, single-metal and non-metallic composite panels with polyurethane rigid foam as thermal insulation layer, which are usually used for the wall and roof enclosure systems of industrial plants, logistics storage, integrated houses.

    Polyurethane sandwich panel products are bimetallic, single-metal and non-metallic composite panels with polyurethane rigid foam as thermal insulation layer, which are usually used for the wall and roof enclosure systems of industrial plants, logistics storage, integrated houses.

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    The bonding strength of polyurethane sandwich panel shall not be less than 0.09MPa, the combustion performance of sandwich panel shall reach B1, and the bending bearing capacity of sandwich panel shall not be less than 0.5Kn/m2 when the deflection of sandwich panel is Lo/200 (Lo is the distance between supports). The effective width of the plate is usually 1000mm, and the length can be customized.


    The production of polyurethane sandwich panel needs an advanced sandwich panel continuous production line. The process is composed of internal and external galvanized (aluminum-zinc plated) color steel plate cold-formed, and polyurethane hard foam coated in the middle.

    The anti-leakage sandwich roof panel with patented technology brings the advantages of polyurethane sandwich panel into full play.

    Performance characteristics

    This product has the following characteristics:

    1) The low thermal conductivity polyurethane sandwich panel composite plate has low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance, and is the best thermal insulation material at present.

    2) Beautiful plate shape and convenient installation

    3) Polyurethane sandwich board has good fire resistance

    4) Polyurethane sandwich board is non-toxic and tasteless

    5) Wide temperature range

    6) Waterproof and moisture-proof

    The polyurethane sandwich panel has a beautiful appearance and good overall effect. It integrates load-bearing, thermal insulation, fire prevention and waterproofing, and does not require secondary decoration. It is fast and convenient to install, short construction period, good comprehensive benefits, and has good cost-effectiveness advantages. It is a widely used and potential efficient energy-saving building envelope material, and is also a new type of energy-saving panel advocated and promoted by the Ministry of Construction.

    Application range of polyurethane sandwich panel

    Generally speaking, polyurethane sandwich panels can be applied to almost all kinds of different building needs, including industrial plants, public buildings, composite buildings, purification works and other building fields.

    Public buildings

    Polyurethane sandwich panels can be mainly used in the roofs and exterior walls of public buildings with large space needs, such as mechanisms, waiting or waiting halls at stations, stadiums, theaters and auditoriums, exhibition halls and convention centers, museums, and so on. Public buildings have a series of higher requirements than industrial buildings, such as the need to provide more space, indoor air conditioning, fire prevention, etc. These buildings mostly use the roof truss structure form of grid or pipe truss, so they have higher requirements for the materials of roof panels in light weight, heat preservation and insulation, fire safety, waterproof, sound absorption, durability, etc.

    Industrial plant and warehouse

    Polyurethane sandwich panels are mainly used for the roofs and exterior walls of industrial plants and warehouses. In the past, the roofs of industrial plants were mostly prefabricated concrete slabs or asbestos slabs. With the rapid promotion of light steel structures, polyurethane sandwich panels have also replaced the above two materials with many significant advantages. While providing better thermal insulation effect, sandwich panels, in combination with the mature light steel structure, can truly reflect a series of advantages of light steel system, such as lightweight, fast and efficient, flexible layout, and so on. Therefore, sandwich panels have become the preferred scheme in single-storey factory buildings. For multi-storey industrial buildings, in addition to the use of sandwich panels for the roof of the roof, polyurethane sandwich panels can also be used for flexible layout of the exterior wall. The purpose of beautifying the building appearance can be achieved through the variable colors and shapes of the color coated panels. For industrial buildings with constant temperature and humidity requirements, the use of sandwich panels with better thermal performance than brick walls as enclosure materials can greatly save the operating costs after completion.

    Purification engineering

    With the continuous progress of society, electronic and pharmaceutical industries have developed rapidly. In the manufacturing process of products in these industries, it is necessary to provide a production environment with high cleanliness. Color coated sandwich panels are widely used as interior wall and ceiling materials in production and working environments with cleanliness requirements because the color coated panels on the surface are not easy to attach dust, easy to clean and have few joints. The application scope includes electronic and computer product manufacturing, medical supplies and drug production, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing, food production, medical operating room and other industries. Although the cleanliness requirements of some plants are not high, polyurethane sandwich panels are also widely used as partition walls in the plant due to the flexible disassembly and assembly of sandwich panels.

    Composite house

    Composite houses built with polyurethane sandwich panels have been widely used, with a series of advantages such as light overall weight, flexible combination, convenient and fast construction, no need for secondary decoration, easy removal and relocation. It is widely used to build additional floors of houses with sandwich panels. Due to the shortage of urban land, many units and individuals hope to build an additional floor of houses on the roof without causing a large load on the original buildings. This will not only expand the use area, but also solve the heat insulation and waterproof problems of the original roof with a small investment. The advantages of sandwich panel composite houses just fully meet the needs of users. The sandwich panel composite house can be relocated many times, which also makes it widely used in temporary buildings. In addition, a large number of sandwich panels are also used in industrial workshops for multi-purpose composite buildings.

    Due to the particularity of its materials, polyurethane sandwich panels are widely used in the above construction fields, and people also give full play to its characteristics and apply it to a wider range of fields, such as the internal partition of ships, cold storage, highway soundproof walls, etc. With the continuous progress of technology and the upgrading of people's work and life needs, so as to better meet people's needs, Create a broader space in the building materials industry where new products emerge in an endless stream.

    Air tightness analysis

    Advantages of roof panel

    The polyurethane roof panel is connected with concealed nails, and the panel surface is closely lapped. The unique waterproof groove design can effectively prevent rainwater infiltration and avoid cold bridge phenomenon. 40mm wave crest height greatly improves the bearing capacity of the roof slab. While ensuring the thermal insulation effect of buildings, it can effectively reduce the building cost of customers, and the minimum roof slope can reach 3%.

    Wall panel advantages

    Concealed nail connection, no exposed screws on the surface, and the building wall is beautiful and smooth. Extremely high flexural bearing capacity, excellent mechanical properties of the wall, reducing the dependence on auxiliary steel structures. Excellent thermal insulation performance reduces the cost of indoor air conditioning devices in buildings. Various appearance effects and beautiful walls.

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