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Glass wool sandwich board





Glass wool sandwich panel

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    • Commodity name: Glass wool sandwich board
    • Commodity ID: 1051924860805931008

    Chinese name: glass wool composite board

    Nickname metal surface fireproof board

    Main materials: rock wool and glass wool

    Performance heat insulation, fire insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption

    Application fields: ships, building walls, building partitions, etc

    Features Thermal insulation, weather resistance and impact resistance

    Key words:
    • glass
    • wool
  • Purpose

    Roof thermal insulation, roof thermal insulation, steel structure workshop wall thermal insulation, indoor thermal insulation and sound absorption, breeding roof thermal insulation and fire prevention) thermal insulation, fire prevention, sound absorption, and the effect is very ideal. During construction, it can also be cut as needed,

    Aluminum foil facing roll felt has good moisture-proof effect. It is an excellent thermal insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention and sound insulation material for workshop, roof, wall and flat roof.

  • Density: 10kg/m3 - 40kg/m3

    Thickness: 5cm-20cm

    Single width: 1.15-1.25m

    Length: 3m-30m (optional) (divided into two types: facing and non-facing)

    Physical properties of glass wool:

    1. Thermal conductivity is not greater than 0.042W/(m.k)

    2. Combustion performance is Class A, non-combustible

    3. The volume weight of glass wool is 10-48kg/m3





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