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The color profiled board is a color-coated steel sheet which is cold-rolled into various wave-shaped pressure-formed sheets. It is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, roofs and walls of large-span steel structures. Interior and exterior wall decoration, etc., with light weight, high strength, rich color, convenient and quick construction, anti-seismic, fireproof, rainproof, long life and maintenance-free.
Chinese name: color steel pressing plate
Wave height is generally: 10 ~ 200 mm
Plate thickness: 0.4 to 1.6 mm
Slope can be: 2 ~ 5%
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It has been widely used. A steel sheet formed by cold or cold rolling of a steel sheet. The steel plate is made of organic coated steel sheet (or colored steel sheet), galvanized steel sheet, anticorrosive sheet steel (including asbestos asphalt layer) or other thin steel sheets. The pressure plate has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good seismic performance, fast construction and beautiful appearance. It is a good building material and component, mainly used for the envelope structure, floor slab, and other structures. According to different functional requirements, the profiled plate can be pressed into a waveform, a hyperbolic waveform, a rib shape, a V shape, a stiffening type, and the like.
The thickness of the roof and wall is usually 0.4 to 1.6 mm; when used for bearing slabs or silos, the thickness is 2 to 3 mm or more. Wave heights generally range from 10 to 200 mm. When not energizing, its height to thickness ratio should be controlled within 200. When a long roof panel is used, the slope can be 2 to 5%, and the deflection is not more than 1/300 (l is the calculated span length).
Because the original plate is very thin, the quality of the anti-corrosion coating directly affects the service life. In order to meet the processing and anti-rust requirements, the coated steel plate needs to be inspected according to relevant regulations. Under normal circumstances, the thin steel plate can also be coated with anti-rust paint after pressing according to the application requirements, or the original plate of stainless steel thin plate.
When the profiled board is used as a panel or wall panel of an industrial factory, the amount of steel used per square meter is about 5 to 11 kilograms in general without the requirement of heat preservation. When there is insulation requirement, mineral wool board, glass wool, foam plastic, etc. can be used as the heat insulating material. The profiled board is combined with concrete to form a composite floor, which can eliminate the wooden formwork and can be used as a load-bearing structure. At the same time, in order to strengthen the bonding force between the profiled plate and the concrete, it is preferable to pre-weld the stud or press the two-way stiffener on the steel plate.
(1) The appearance is novel and novel, the color is rich, the decoration is strong, the combination is flexible and changeable, and different architectural styles can be expressed;
(2) Light weight (6~10kg/m²) High strength (yield strength 250~550MPa), good skin stiffness and good waterproof performance of waterproof agent;
(3) High quality of factory products
(4) Convenient construction and installation, reducing the workload of installation and transportation, and shortening the construction period;
(5) The profiled steel plate is an environmentally-friendly building material that can be recycled and used to promote the application of the profiled steel plate in line with the policy of sustainable development of the national economy;
(6) The price of the monomer material is relatively high, and the durability is poor compared with the concrete or masonry enclosing material.

(1) Upright lock and seal 468 roofing system


a. The unique fixed seat is concealed, the system surface is free of screws, and the link between the bracket and the plate is a unique design of the slip shape, which overcomes the displacement of the super long plate and the fixed bracket due to thermal expansion and contraction.

b. 360 degree vertical seam bite male and female ribs, professional rubberizing equipment can provide seam preset stickers, which is excellent waterproof performance in similar systems in this system.

c. Available in a variety of metal materials, and provide a variety of accessories with the same life.

d. Processed equipment cabinet shipment and professional operation skills ensure accurate on-site suppression of large projects.

(2) Upright lock seal 820 roofing system


a. Concealed installation with fixed seat, no screw penetration on the surface of the system, 360 degree occlusion, and the bite front can pre-form the self-adhesive, so that the whole system has excellent sealing.

b. Double bracket fixing, rib height 56mm, finger spacing 410mm, the link between the bracket and the board surface has a sliding function, so that the system has high strength and better avoids the steel plate damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

c. Utilization rate is as high as 82%, taking into account safety and economy.

d. Processed equipment cabinet shipment and professional operation skills ensure accurate on-site suppression of large projects.

(3) Concealed 373 wall system


a. Concealed screw fixing, unique dark button design, excluding rainwater infiltration.

b. The three-dimensional design of the surface makes the system extremely enjoyable.

c. A variety of insulation can be used to enhance the flatness and strength.

(4) 780 large corrugated horizontal plate


a. Make a horizontal wall surface with smooth lines and vivid shapes.

b. Horizontal or vertical installation methods to achieve the layering effect of light and shadow.

c. Natural arc, with a minimum radius of curvature of 12M, can be used as a roof system for complex surfaces.







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