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Lighting board

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The lighting board material is mainly made of PP, PC, PET, APET, or PVC material. Common waveform 760/840/930/950/1050/1130

Common thicknesses are: 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2mm

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1.PP material mining light board is mainly used in packaging, decoration, insulation, backing board, the god of green environmental protection, Europe, America and Japan are very popular!

2.PVC material mining light board is mainly used in packaging, decoration, insulation, lighting, touch pressure, green god, acid and alkali resistance

3.PC mining plate is not acid-resistant, durable or alkali-resistant, but high temperature resistant, good lighting effect, high temperature resistant 125 degrees, low temperature resistant -40 degrees

4.FRP glass fiber reinforced polyester mining plate, honeycomb or solid plate made of polyester, according to the shape can be divided into the same as roof plate waveform glass fiber reinforced polyester mining plate (referred to as fiberglass lighting tile) and other plane or surface mining plate, acid and alkali resistance for 20 years, widely adopted by chemical corrosion zone.There are different fixing methods for different mining plates.

Adopt aluminum profile fastener to fix the polished plate, adopt polished plate bracket and self-tapping screw to connect and fix the corrugated polished plate, and then rubber seal it.The position of the mining plate is generally arranged in the span.

Mining plate and self - tapping screw connection, must have a cover plate.The sun plate hot and cold deformation is large, easy to be self-tapping nail shear, so the sun plate in the tapping nail should open a large hole.It is necessary to consider the scalability of the mining plate when installing it.

No lapping is required for the luminous plate within 12m, and if it exceeds 12m, it is required for lapping. The lapping length is 200-400mm, and two sealants are applied at the lapping place. No edging is required for the horizontal lapping.General pressure plate, generally do not do virtual edge, directly with the color plate with self-tapping nails fixed, and apply sealing glue, bite plate is required to do edge.The lapping of the longitudinal length direction of the mining plate is arranged near the sandalwood strip.The general classification of luminous plate has: economy type, weather-resistant type, heat insulation type, flame retardant type, anti-corrosion type five major types.The commonly used specifications are: 750 type, 840 type, 820 type, 980 type, 950 type, 900 type, 475 type, 760 type, as well as 1m-1.2m wide flat plate more than 100 types.

Performance and features

(1) light transmittance: P C plate has a maximum light transmittance of 89%, which is similar to glass.UV coating plate in the sun will not produce yellow, atomization, poor light transmission, 10 years later light loss is only 6%, PVC loss rate is as high as 15% -20%, glass fiber is 12%-20%.

(2) anti-impact: the impact strength is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 30 times that of acrylic sheets of the same thickness, 2-20 times that of tempered glass, and there is no crack when falling with a 3kg hammer two meters below, which has the reputation of "no broken glass" and "ring steel".

(3) anti-uv: PC board is plated with anti-uv (UV) coating on one side and anti-condensation treatment on the other side, which integrates anti-uv, heat insulation and anti-drip functions.It can protect valuable works of art and exhibits from uv damage.

(4) light weight: its specific gravity is only half that of glass, saving the cost of transportation, unloading, installation and supporting frame.

(5) flame retardant: the national standard GB50222 -- 95 confirmed, PC board combustion level, that is, B1 level.PC board own ignition point is 580 degrees Celsius, from the fire after extinguishing, combustion will not produce toxic gas, will not contribute to the spread of the fire.

(6) bendability: it can be installed into arch, semicircle roof and window by cold bending in the construction site according to the design drawing.The minimum bending radius is 175 times the thickness of the plate.

(7) sound insulation: PC board sound insulation effect is obvious, than the same thickness of glass and subcalender plate has better acoustic insulation, in the same thickness of the condition, PC board sound insulation capacity than glass increase 3 -- 4DB.Internationally, it is the preferred material for highway noise barriers.

(8) energy-saving: summer cool, winter insulation, PC board has more than ordinary glass and other plastic thermal conductivity (K value), insulation effect than the same glass 7%-25%, PC board insulation up to 49%.Thus the heat loss is greatly reduced, used for the building with warm equipment, is an environmental protection material.

(9) temperature adaptability: PC board at -100 degrees Celsius does not occur cold and brittle, at 135 degrees Celsius does not soften, in the harsh environment, its mechanics, mechanical properties and other obvious changes.

(10) weather resistance: PC board can maintain the stability of various physical indicators in the range of -40℃ to 120℃.In the artificial climate aging test for 4000 hours, the yellowing degree was 2, and the light transmittance decreased by only 0.6%.

(11) anti-condensation: when the outdoor temperature is 0℃, the indoor temperature is 23℃, and the indoor relative humidity is lower than 80%, there is no condensation on the inner surface of the material.







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