Polyurethane sandwich panel

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Polyurethane sandwich panel

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Polyurethane sandwich panel is a kind of bimetallic, single metallic and nonmetallic composite panel with polyurethane rigid foam as insulation layer. It is usually used in industrial workshop, logistics storage, wall and roof envelope system of integrated house.

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When the flexural capacity of the sandwich plate is Lo/200(Lo is the distance between supports), the flexural capacity of the sandwich plate is not less than 0.5Kn/m2.The effective width is usually 1000mm and the length is customizable.


The production of polyurethane sandwich board requires advanced continuous production line of sandwich board, which is formed by cold bending of galvanized (aluminized zinc) color steel sheet inside and outside and composite of polyurethane hard foam with intermediate coating.

The patented waterproof sandwich roofing board gives full play to the advantages of polyurethane sandwich board.

The performance characteristics of

This product has the following features:

1) low thermal conductivity polyurethane sandwich board composite board has small thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance, which is the best insulation material at present.

2) the board is beautiful and easy to install

3) polyurethane sandwich board has good fire resistance

4) polyurethane sandwich board is non-toxic and tasteless

5) wide range of temperature

6) waterproof and moisture-proof

Polyurethane sandwich panel beautiful shape, the overall effect is good, it integrating bearing, thermal insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, without secondary decoration, convenient installation, short construction period, good comprehensive benefits, have good price advantage, is a kind of widely used, potential energy efficient building palisade materials, it is advocated by the ministry of construction and promotion of a new type of energy-saving plates.

Scope of application of polyurethane sandwich board

Generally speaking, polyurethane sandwich board can be applied to a variety of different architectural needs, including industrial plants, public buildings, composite houses, purification engineering and other architectural fields.

Public buildings

Polyurethane sandwich panels can be mainly used in the roofing and external walls of public buildings with large space needs, such as: mechanism, airport or bus waiting hall of station, stadium, cinema and auditorium, exhibition hall and exhibition center, museum and so on.Public buildings because of the need to provide more room, indoor air conditioning, fire protection and a series of higher than industrial workshop requirements, the characteristics of such buildings with rack or pipe truss roof truss structure form, therefore in light of roof plate material, heat preservation and heat insulation, fire safety, waterproof, sound absorption, durability, etc are put forward higher requirements.

Industrial plant, warehouse

Polyurethane sandwich board is mainly used in roofing and outer wall of industrial workshop and warehouse.In the past, the roofing of industrial plants is usually made of precast concrete or asbestos.With the rapid popularization of light steel structure, polyurethane sandwich board has taken the place of the above two materials with a number of significant advantages.At the same time of providing better insulation effect, sandwich board with mature and developed light steel structure can truly reflect a series of advantages of light steel system, such as light weight, fast and efficient, flexible layout, etc., so it has become the first choice in single-story factory building.For multi-storey industrial plants, in addition to sandwich board for roof, polyurethane sandwich board can also be used for flexible layout of the outer wall. The purpose of beautifying the appearance of the building can be achieved by changing colors and shapes of the painted boards.For industrial buildings requiring constant temperature and humidity, sandwich board with better thermal performance than brick wall is used as envelope material, which can greatly save the operation cost after construction.

Purification engineering

With the continuous progress of the society, the electronics and medicine industries are developing rapidly. In the manufacturing process of products in these industries, it is necessary to provide a cleaner production environment.Because the painted sandwich board on its surface is not easy to adhere to dust, easy to clean and less joints, so sandwich board as the inner wall and ceiling material, widely used in the production and working environment with clean requirements.Applications include electronic and computer products manufacturing, medical supplies and drug production, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing, food production, medical operating room and other industries.Although some factories do not require high cleanliness, but in view of the flexible disassembly of sandwich boards, polyurethane sandwich boards are also widely used as partitions in the factory.

Combined house

The composite house built with polyurethane sandwich board has been widely used, which has a series of advantages, such as overall light weight, flexible combination, convenient and fast construction, no need for second decoration, easy demolition and relocation.Wider use of steel sandwich board to build houses, due to the urban land tension, a lot of units and individuals are hoping to under the premise of the original buildings constitute a larger load, in the top 1 layer house build houses, so the investment is not big, enlarged the usable floor area, both and can solve the problem of the original roof insulation and waterproof, and the advantages of combination of sandwich board room just fully meet the needs of the user.Sandwich panel house can be moved many times so that it is widely used in temporary buildings.In addition, sandwich panels are also widely used in industrial buildings.

Polyurethane sandwich board due to the particularity of its material, in addition to the widely used in the construction field, people also give full play to its characteristics, applying it to a wide area, such as the ship within the partition, cold storage, highway sound barriers, etc., and along with the advance of science and technology and people work life need to upgrade, so as to better meet the needs of the people, in the building materials industry of new products emerge in endlessly creates a broader space.

Airtightness analysis

Roof panel advantage

The polyurethane roofing board is connected by dark nails, and the board surface is lapped tightly.Unique anti - flume design, effectively prevent rain penetration, and avoid cold bridge phenomenon.The peak height of 40mm wave greatly increases the bearing capacity of roof board.At the same time to ensure the insulation effect of the building, effectively reduce the construction cost of customers, roof slope can be up to 3% at least.

Wall panel advantage

Dark nail connection, surface without exposed screws, beautiful building wall smooth.High flexural capacity, superior wall mechanical performance, reduce the dependence on auxiliary steel structure.Excellent insulation performance, reduce the cost of building indoor air conditioning equipment.A variety of appearance effects, beautiful wall.







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