How to ensure safety in construction enclosure

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2020-12-25 13:34

The development of cities cannot be separated from the rapid development of the construction industry.

The development of cities cannot be separated from the rapid development of the construction industry. Among them, the emergence of new buildings marks the development of the city, and some have become landmark buildings. The rise of these high-rise buildings is inseparable from urban construction sites. For the road construction, for the safety of pedestrians and the cleanness of the city, the construction enclosure came into being. After the completion of these construction sites, how about these construction enclosures? Let me tell you how to correctly and efficiently deal with the site enclosure left by urban construction.


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The current construction enclosure on the market refers to the use of various masonry materials or various molded parts to isolate the construction site from the external environment and separate the construction site into a relatively closed space. The main purpose of the fence made of boards is to protect the safety of normal buildings and pedestrians. This also requires that the materials used to build the shell should keep the shell stable, clean and beautiful. According to the current requirements for the site selection of municipal engineering projects, construction enclosures can be set up in stages according to the project progress, or unified continuous fencing facilities can be used as required. The construction unit shall not stack construction materials, garbage and engineering. The slag is outside the construction fence soil. Another point to note: the construction fence must be located in the area that has been temporarily occupied, and must be constructed and constructed in strict accordance with the approved land area and use, the nature of stacking and unloading construction materials, machinery and equipment, etc. It is particularly noteworthy that the construction fence around the temporary area should be set at a height of more than 1.5 meters.


Sinosteel xingdou


Of course, if you compare the traditional building walls, you will find that these building walls are slightly larger, so they are difficult to fold, the combination method is not very flexible, and can not be easily and freely disassembled, resulting in the inconvenience of construction enclosure transportation. Moreover, their appearance design is relatively simple, and they cannot fully play a role in the construction site, so it is naturally impossible to detect the status of the surrounding cabinets. Therefore, we propose an alarm mode to facilitate the demolition of the safety building envelope to solve the appeal problem. In order to meet the above construction requirements and facilitate the removal of construction safety construction enclosure. The construction enclosure is composed of left column, power supply and central processing module. The interior of the left column is equipped with two upper clamping slots, the left column is equipped with anti-rust door, and the bottom of the left column is equipped with a base. The monitoring scanner is installed in the middle of the cabinet for construction, the LCD is installed under the monitoring scanner, the central processing module is embedded and installed in the previous cabinet unit, and the wireless transceiver is installed under the central processing module. The alarm equipment is arranged above the transceiver, and the power supply is installed at the bottom of the previous cabinet unit. These alarm devices, wireless transceivers, LCD displays and monitoring scanners are electrically connected to the central processing module.

Compared with the existing building fence technology, the advantages of this new type of alarm safety building fence are also very obvious. The type of alarm is easy to dismantle, the design of construction fence is relatively scientific and reasonable, and the operation process is simple and convenient. It also breaks through the limitations of the traditional shell in appearance design, saves time and space in the sense of true freedom and rapid disassembly, is relatively convenient in transportation, and its function is unparalleled in terms of safety performance. The alarm device and monitoring scanner of the building envelope can monitor the surrounding environment in real time, prevent accidents, and greatly improve the construction safety.



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